Me, My Self, and I

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Miss You. I Really Do.

I miss you.

Simple words. Deep feelings. Scary thought. Because you are not here and I can tell you those words.

I remember the memories we had. I thought we would still have years to come. I thought we would still have chances to take. I thought there was still time.

But I am losing you. Maybe I have lost you for some time. I just did not realize. You are away and I am left here.

I miss talking with you. I miss hanging around you. I miss sitting beside you. You would be busy with your own thoughts and I would look at the sky trying to find any constellation. It's funny because I know nothing about constellation. It's just always something relaxing about the stars. It's like meditation, for my mind, for my body, for my soul.

I love you. More than you think. People would say I'm in love with you. Sometimes, I even think that you are my soulmate. But what is love? What is soulmate? I know nothing. What I know is I love you.

And I miss you. So much. I need nothing to tell you about it. I know you just know how much I miss you. Like Bon Jovi said, "This ain't a love song." So I don't need all the bullcrap.

I miss you. And it hurts cause I know you aren't here.

I miss you. I really do.

This is for you, my star.

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