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Monday, December 22, 2014

A Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

I would never remember…

When you hold me tight for more than 9 months before I was born,
or when you had sickness every morning during pregnancy,
or when I felt excited and kicked you and Pop would caress your pregnant bump,
or when you faced hell to give me birth.

I would not remember…

When I was sick and you swang my baby body,
or when I felt sad and you sang me lullabies,
or when I took my first steps and you smiled and clapped,
or when I got my first bruise and you nursed it tenderly.

I might not remember…

When I screamed at you because you did not allow me to go with my friends,
or when I slammed the door after you scolded me for coming home late,
or when I did not answer thousands of your phone calls,
or when I shut myself at my room and ignored you.

But, I did remember…

When my heart broke for the first time and you just smiled at me, told me that I would fall in love few times before I found my soulmate,
or when I got bad scores and you lectured me how I wasted my potentials and talents,
or when I misbehad and you preached me how I should take care of and appreciate my own self,
or when I felt heartsick and you hugged me openly and warmly.

I still remember…

When I thought everything was falling into pieces, you said that sometimes we have to demolish something before build something new,
or when I got very angry, you just said that someday I would understand why you did what you did,
or when I felt so lonely, you always made me feel that I always have a place at home,
or when I thought I was a big girl now then I realized that even big girls need their mama once in a while.

Mom, I am remembering…

That you have always been there, no matter what,
You are here, right in my heart and in my mind;
That you have always been my light when darkness came,
You are standing there keeping the light on, I always know my way home;
That you have always been my bestfriend,
You are my first bestie.

Mom, to the world, maybe you’re just a mother,
But, to me, you are the world.

Selamat Hari Ibu, Mom.
I love you more than I can say.

Many kisses and big hugs,
Your only daughter XOXO

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