Me, My Self, and I

Friday, July 16, 2010

Me, My Self and I

1. I never had toothache in my life. [anyway, my teeth starts to be more sensitive after wore braces in 2001]

2. I love rain so much. [but rarely have time to play in the rain]

3. My biggest fan, best friend, smartest counselor, and toughest enemy is my Mom. [she still is]

4. I hate vegetables and milk. [however, my Mom makes me a cup of high calcium milk every morning]

5. I'm dying to live in United States. [but The Netherlands also sounds good]

6. I can play many music instruments, but I can't play any of percussion. [maybe this year I'll learn playing drum]

7. There are two kinds of people I hate desperately, liars and hypocrites. [yeah, they should go to hell]

8. I am sociable, but hate being in crowd. [I don't like party]

9. I don't care that I will be ended in heaven or hell, as long as Jesus is there. [yeah....]

10. My older brother is so poetic and sometimes I hate him for being like that. [well, he's good actually]

11. I always tell people that how sophisticated and complicated I am, but actually, I am a simple person.

12. My first crush was Axel W. Rose (Guns 'n Roses).

13. I can control my anger so well. And I cry whenever I cannot control it. [yeah, I still lock myself in my room and cry]

14. My younger brother says I'm sly, I say I'm manipulative. [owh, I really miss you lots, brother, but Germany is too far from here]

15. I know I will make a loyal partner, but I think I can't deal with marriage.

16. I hate being touched by girls. Yikes! [yeah, why do girls like touching and holding hands?]

17. I talk a lot, argue a lot, fight a lot, and thanks GOD I also listen a lot. [I listen more now]

18. I am crazy about dogs! [too bad I can't keep one]

19. My most favorite leisure time is thinking about my dreams while listening to country music. [oh, I miss my country music!]

20. I hate all Indonesian soap operas (electronic cinemas) and movies, but G30S-PKI movie.

21. My family bond is so close. [It still is]

22. "All is in your mind" (quoted from my Pop) is my family motto. [Impossible is nothing ^_^]

23. I hate kids, but I taught preschoolers and elementary students for 2.5 years. [and now I deal with primary and junior high students every day]

24. I've ever had 28 earthworms as my pet, stopped eating meatballs for 8 years 'cause of the rumor about meatballs made from rat, stopped eating chicken for 6 years 'cause of avian flu, and lived with hundreds cockroach at home without being bothered. [I eat meatballs and chicken now, but have no pet]

25. I believe that I can do (and bear) all things [through Christ who strengthens me, Phil 4:13]. [Yes, I believe I can]

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