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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three Little Birds

In school where I work as a counselor, a teacher led morning assembly one day. She was bored of giving warnings, and meaningless announcements, and common inspirational quotes. So, she gave a riddle to the students.

"There 3 birds are singing happily on a tree. A hunter comes silently with his gun. Then, the hunter shots once. One bird falls down. How many birds are left?"

1st grader: "Two. One fell down, two left."
6th grader: "None. The other two fly away after the shot."

Teacher appraised those two answers and gave the students present. Just before she closed her remarks, a 4th grader raised his hand.

4th grader: "One is left."
Teacher: "How come?"
4th grader: "One fell down. One went to police station to report the shot. One stayed to watch the hunter so the hunter cannot run away before the police come."

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