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Friday, November 27, 2009

I Hated My Teacher Once

Years ago, I hate my Bahasa Indonesia teacher. This is the story....

When I was still a little grade 4 girl, I got score of 56 in my Bahasa Indonesia small test. It was bizarre, yet annoying, because I usually got outstanding marks in Bahasa Indonesia. 80, 95, the lowest is 75! I knew I was good in Bahasa Indonesia since I like writing and reading. And, I got 56!

The worst part, the teacher asked students to mention their score out loud so she could write down the score in her notes. So, she gave our test sheets and then called our name one by one.

I was still frozen, staring at my test sheet and the red 56 on that paper, when the teacher called my name. Then, I got up from my chair and walked approaching her table. She asked, "Why do you come to me? Just mention your score from your table."

I couldn't help my tears. I cried while standing near her, in front of the whole class!! For instance, she looked at my test and mentioned my score out loudly. Oh, I hate her so much that time! (Plus, she preached me much about studying hard then.)

4-5 years ago, I heard about her death. She struggled from cancer for years before her death. I couldn't come to her funeral because I was in the middle of my study in college. But, her death brought me back to the past. I thought of myself back then. I thought of myself now.

Somehow, I am really thankful now. If not because of her and her "annoying" and embarrassing preach, I won't be this good in Bahasa Indonesia. I love writing and reading more than ever.

So, thank you, my Bahasa Indonesia teacher. I'm sorry for hating you once. Goodbye.

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