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Monday, April 14, 2014

Doing Sh*ts Equals Happiness Equals Priceless

Day #1 - Annual Leave

Om has gone to a camp. G and Pientha, two of my housemates, have gone, too, to the same camp. Aul and Pane, the other two have gone to Ujian Nasional. I was left all alone at the boarding house.

I woke up early. Then, I decided to play some songs and read a book. I made myself omelette and a mug of hot tea. My gastric acid was still high and it made me uncomfortable all night.

I ate my omelette and took some sips of my tea. Then I started to read a novel I bought couple days ago.

First line. Second line. Third line.

I closed my book and stared at the TV. It was off. I tried to find my shillouette on the screen. No luck. I opened my book again.

Fourth line. Fifth line.

I closed my book again and stared at the bed. It was messy. The blanket was not folded. And the bedsheet was wrinkled.

I put my book beside the mug. I approached my bed and laid. Blake Shelton still sang and I started to sleep.

Afternoon, I woke up because of the rain. It was raining outside and I pulled my blanket, covered my body. I reached my office laptop and played a movie. I turned the projector on.

I texted Boyyan, told her that I wouldn't come tonight. She was upset but she answered okay. One movie continued to another movie. One chapter led to another chapter.

I went to buy dinner with Cerepo, one of my adopted little brothers. Then, back to boarding house again. It rained all day and night.

I was watching another movie when I finally realized. F*ck, my first day passed. I did nothing.

Wait! This is why I took a week of leave. To relax. To do nothing but things I love.

Precious! Priceless!!

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