Me, My Self, and I

Friday, July 4, 2014

Today's Babble: I Love You More

Dear good God, thank You for:

1. My healthy body. It's not perfect, but I did yoga for 30 minutes today and my stomach didn't ache for the last 48 hours.

2. My little brother, Pierre. He's not perfect, but through one way and another, he supports me from the distance.

3. My best girl, Boyyan. She's not perfect, but she understands me much and I need somebody to understand during these tough days.

4. My best buddy, Om Oktopus. He's not perfect, but he always tries to tell me the truth when other people just show perfect world to me, even though some realities he told me bite me hard.

5. My bestfriend, You. You are perfect, and I know You are preparing me to have a bigger and more wonderful life. I love you. (And I know that You just replied, "I love you more.")

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