Me, My Self, and I

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Just Stop Caring

I had a fight with my bestfriend.
He told me that I broke his heart and made him disappointed. I knew, at some points, he was right. I chickened out. I lied to myself. I was not as idealistic as I thought.
To my family, my idealism is a way too extreme. They say that I am not able to adjust, to adapt, with changes, with the system, with difference. To him, my bestfriend, my idealism is not an idealism at all.
I couldn't stand up for myself, for what I believe in, for what I have been fighting for. He's right. I'm too afraid.
However, one thing that he couldn't believe, I stop caring. As I understand, it's not hate which is the opposite of love, but carelessness. I did not hate things, people, system, situation any more.
I just stop caring.

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