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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Manager VS Academic

After waiting desperately for more than one year, finally my husband's thesis was examined and he got his master degree in philosophy.  He was busy revising his thesis, while working for a cargo company to keep the stove buffed (is that correct to translate "dapur tetap mengepul" hahaha....).

At the beginning of January 2012, my husband was promoted (alias naik pangkat!) as area manager.  In bahasa Melayu, they call it "ketua cawangan".  The salary's raised, work load's harder and more difficult, and the responsibility's much increased.  With all the changes, my husband and I discussed what we should do best in 2012.

So, my husband asked me, "Which idea sounds better to you, become a manager's wife or a lecturer's wife?"

I'm sure that my husband will make a good manager.  He will find obstacles, but he will be able to overcome everything.  I'm pretty sure.

I'm also sure that my husband will be an amazing lecturer someday.  Maybe, he'll be an eccentric lecturer and his students will call him "dinosaur".  But I believe that he will fit in lecturer's pants.  Someday.  Not now.  When we get older and we give lectures not for money.

Then, I replied, "Pa, anyone can be a manager, with hard work and experience.  But, even with hard work and experience, only some people can have a PhD and become a lecturer.  So, how about submitting a good proposal and spend 5 years learning things?  For now, I'm more than ready to be a wife to a PhD student!"  

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