Me, My Self, and I

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My little brother plans to sing "One In A Million" by Guns and Roses at my coming wedding ceremony. I agreed because I took it as compliment, he considered me as one in a million people. It means, he thinks that I am very special among million people. One week ago, he posted something on my Facebook wall. He said that the lyrics are a little bit racial.

Racial, in Merriem-Webster Dictionary, is defined as:
1. of, relating to, or based on a race;
2. existing or occurring between races

In my opinion, the lyrics are racial. However, they remind me about adversity, differences and blessings as well. As a Christian Batak woman, I am minority. Since I was a little kid, I knew I was different from others. I am still now.

I respect for individual differences, I keep my mind wide open, I feel blessed every time I count all things that I have and things that I don't. I don't care if you call me racist. I love diversity, I like being different, and I hope we can live together in harmony.

Guess I needed
Sometime to get away
I needed some peace of mind
Some peace of mind that'll stay
So I thumbed it
Down to sixth and L.A.
Maybe your greyhound
Could be my way
Police and niggers
That's right
Get out of my way
Don't need to buy none of your
Goldchains today
I don't need no bracelets
Clamped in front of my back
Just need my ticket till then
Won't you cut me some slack


You're one in a million
Yeah, that's what you are
You're one in a million, babe
You are a shooting star
Maybe someday we'll see you
Before you make us cry
You know we tried to reach you
But you were much to high
Much to high
Much to high
Much to high

Immigrants and faggots
They make no sense to me
They come to our country
And think they'll do as they please
Like start some mini Iran
Or spread some fucking disease
They talk so many goddamn ways
It's all greek to me
Well some say I'm lazy
And others say that's just me
Some say I'm crazy
I guess I'll always be
But it's been such a long time
Since I knew right from wrong
It's all the means to an end, I,
I keep on movin' along


Radicals and racists
Don't point your finger at me
I'm a small town white boy
Just tryin' to make ends meet
Don't need your religion
Don't watch that much TV
Just makin' my livin', baby,
Well that's enough for me

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