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Friday, July 9, 2010

Prepare The New Academic Year

I came late this morning. The school principal asked us to come at 8.00 a.m. and go home after 12.00 p.m. I checked the finge print check-clock right at 8.23 a.m.

Teachers are decorating their home classrooms, administration staffs are doing their common work, the helpers are cleaning classes and corridors and toilets. I have imagined these since last night. That's why I felt so lazy to get up from my bed this morning. What am I supposed to do? Yeah, maybe I can offer some help in decorating.

Then, I opened my office, the comfortable counseling room. Gifts are still on the carpet, the class-meeting committee didn't take the gifts yet. They put the gifts in my office before holiday. Books I borrowed from school library are still on the carpet. My desks are empty.

Okay, today is Friday. I hope I will have 'me-time' this weekend. But, the kids will be starting school on Monday.
Oh, my! The counseling room
must be ready, clean and neat by Monday. Okay, let's start working, then!

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