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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Body Image

I arranged an interactive dialogue for junior high school students. I have been physically unwell since last Sunday and I was unprepared. So, I used my old presentation about body image.

In short explanation, body image is how you feel and think about your body. When you feel unhappy with your body, your physical appearance, then you supposedly have negative body image. When you feel satisfied for what you have physically, you have positive body image.

At the beginning, I gave 3 questions to the students, to get knowing about their body image. I asked those who have positive body image to raise their hands. Most of the students raised their hands. Then, I talked about BMI (body mass index) and gave some speech about being confident.

Calculate your BMI here.

After a while, I asked them in other way.
"If you think that you are pretty/handsome, please raise you hand."
I could see no hands raised.

"Okay, I give you 10 seconds to think wisely. If you think that you are pretty/handsome, please raised your hand."
I saw a hand raised by a girl with glasses.

"Uhm...let's do this differently. Close your eyes, do not peek," I said. I waited for about 1 minute, then I said, "Do not peek. Do not let any part of your body touch or being touched by your friends. Now, no matter what people would say, if you think that you are pretty/handsome, please raise your hands."

There were only 3 hands raised. I felt so disappointed. No matter what they have, no matter where they come from, no matter what kind of family they have, they have no self-confidence. They don't even think that they are somewhat pretty or handsome.

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