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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My colleague's wedding, books, and weekend

Today is my colleague's wedding. He married a such-a-beautiful woman. The wedding party was good, yet simple. I came with my other colleagues from school. Most of us are still single. So, wedding party always brought us to different feelings. Some of us might realize how lonely we are. Some of us might feel happy for the newly wed. Some of us might enjoy the party like other party. But I believe that all of us, the single ones, the unmarried, the widow or widower, do have one hope. That is we will be happy with ourselves, whoever we are, even if we are nobody.

After the party, after dropping my friends back to school, I went to the mall. Finally, after buying three T-shirts, two bras (haha....) and ordering a pan of Pizza Hut Tuna Melt, I went up to the bookstore by escalator. Bookstore? Yup! I bought three comics and a novel. Hohohoho....buying books is always satisfying.

Well, I am home now. This is Saturday night. For some people, this is another Saturday. For some others, this is a working day :(. Hm, this is a long weekend for some people. Owh, yeah! Hell, this is another Saturday night.

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