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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love books!

The book fair at school where I work is ended today. The publisher has arranged the book fair for four days. And guess what? I spent almost IDR300.000 for books!

I love reading since I was still a little girl. My Pop and Mom liked to buy me and my two brothers books. Magazines, children books, comics. When I was in primary school, my parents subscribed being a loyal customer of children magazine Bobo, Ananda, and also Donal Bebek.

When I started becoming a stubborn teenage girl, my parents stopped the subscription of children magazine, and subscribed me for teenage mags Anita Cemerlang instead.

Once, my brothers and I had so many books and magazines. We kept them nicely, put them neatly in shelves. We had children books, Donal Bebek, children mags, teenage mags, complete series of wayang comics by R. A. Kosasih, TinTin and Smurf, Johan and Pirlouit, Gully, Tini series, Noddy series, manga comics, and else.

The book fair held at school brought me back. I STILL love reading. Owh, yeah, I spent so much money, but I enjoy having those books and comics. And, for sure, I enjoy reading them!

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