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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday is coming!!

Tomorrow will be the last day of this first semester. Teachers still have so many things to complete. Students still have so many activities to finish. But, everything seems to run slowly. Maybe the bells of holiday season has been ringing!

Ting! Ting!! Ting!!! Ting!!!!

Oh, yeah! That's the holiday bells ringing. Semester break. Christmas. Two big events in this month. Owh, don't forget the new year celebration. I better start packing my stuffs. Spending holiday in Malaysia? Or my kampong? Or just stay here celebrating seasons with my beloved ones?

Wow, the bells are ringing again, calling me from the distance. They will be here soon. But.... about my report? My programs? My.... My.... Oh, my! I gotta go, stop blogging and start finishing my work.

Ting! Ting!! The bells are still ringing....

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