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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being School Counselor

I have been working as school counselor exactly for one month. So far, I can say I enjoy my work. I manage what I want and need to do. I manage when I have to do things. Maybe the school did not know much about what school counselor should do or are responsible for. I don't know...

I am responsible for helping the school and the parents. Some parents came to see me and discuss their sons and daughters and their development academically, personally, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. Teachers met me to share and discuss about their students. Sometimes, discussion led me to somewhat observation during lesson or break.

Some students came by themselves and started to talk about stuffs. A 7th grader talked about her classmate who she suspected stealing her money. Another student babbled about his basketball coach who never put him into any games. An average student told me about his parents who seem angry all the time and abused him for no reason.

Before taking this job, I once hoped that working among youngsters would keep me young. Yes, I am staying young [at least, in my opinion]. Students keep me busy. My mind keeps thinking what my students think. My heart keeps feeling what my students feel.

Being a school counselor is really tiring, yet interesting. Sometimes, I thought about my childhood and my adolescence when I felt giving up my students'. However, my journey as a school counselor has just begun. They, my students, are my center of works. I can hardly wait what will happen in the future.

Well, I am proud already. I start to seem like a real school counselor. Hmm...

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